My iPhone 6 Plus vs My iPhone 4S, What’s the Difference? Let’s Review!


Top conversations in the tech world this week have, of course, been centered around the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus release and their controversial bendability (a popularly phrased "bendgate") uproar.

Along with the iPhone 6 Plus, Consumer Reports conducted the same tests on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the LG G3 and a HTC One M8. It found that it took 90 pounds of force to begin to deform the iPhone 6 Plus case, and 110 pounds of pressure to make the screen come off.


Like the good techie grandmother I am, and every other crazed tech nut, I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Apple's new flagship model the 6 Plus "beast." Actually, I have to correct that. I have been eager to get my hands on the next series of iPhone for months, what that has become is no longer the big question mark it was; but when it came to deciding between the two new options, I was almost at the door of the local T-Mobile before finally making my decision on which. Even then, it took my holding the rep's comparably large LG before actually confirming my choice.



With the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s hard not to feel flashbacks of ill-begotten trends.



Having small hands, it was a decision I was unsure about right up until the phones actually arrived at the door and I set my eyes, and my hands, on this beautiful piece of technology. The iPhone 6 Plus was poetry in motion. I was able to do many wondrous things (fingerprint technology, wow!) that I could only dream about doing with my former iPhone 4S. I had remained true to my 4S for the last few years, since its first release, and fought my many urges to step up to the iPhone 5, then 5S, and forego them all to stick steadfastly with my 4S until this year's high-tech version arrived.

OK, so that's my first take on my new tech "toy" (albeit extremely expensive one). So now, you may ask, "What do I really think?" Well that's exactly what I will be telling you in this summary review.


iphone 6 plus

Sonny Abesamis

iPhone 6 Display



So, here's the lowdown after one week of ownership. Once we got beyond sticker shock (my husband and I both bought the 6+), it was easy to feel very comfortable with using this model. Admittedly, as a 5 foot 2 inch grandmother, my hands are rather small. That, in and of itself was, surprisingly, no problem for me in manipulating and handling the device - other than one possible exception. The power switch, which had been on top of my iPhone 4S, nicely tucked out-of-the-way until you needed or wanted it, Apple has seen fit to move to the right side on this device - exactly opposite the volume adjustment switches on the left side. For me, with the smaller hands, that is a bit difficult to deal with as I tend to hold my phone by straddling the back with my hand, more-or-less. Similar to the placement of the model in a man's hand you'll see in the photo below. The buttons I refer to would be at his pointer (power button), and his thumb (volume control). Whenever I want to do one or the other, I find myself doing both, despite my best efforts to avoid doing so. As far as being so much larger in size and screen territory than my older 4S, the slimness and light weight of this most recent issue actually compensates for the first part making comfortable handling the order of the day. As to the screen real estate, this is much easier to see in performing just about any task I've tried (good-bye 4S).


iphone 6 plus

William Hook

Phone 6 Plus - In Hand

Consumer Reports Refutes iPhone 6 Plus BendGate

Consumer Reports wasn't buying into the mania around BendGate — the uproar that the iPhone 6 Plus might be bendable in your pocket — so the publication put the phone and several others to the test. It found that the iPhone 6 Plus isn't nearly as ...


And so here we are with phablets like Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus ($299 on contract) — giant smartphones that are so big they might as well be tablets. For some people, especially tech fanatics and hardcore multi-taskers, their appeal seems obvious: A bigger screen! Longer battery life! Yet another way to separate you from the pack!


Other than that, I found no real hardware issues with this model. I thought it looked, and felt, like an all around solid build. As usual, Apple had put forth another quality product at or near the top of the ladder for most consumers to enjoy. That is, most consumers that could afford this particular phone, which now appears are record numbers so far. In the first few days alone, Apple was reporting sales of several million of these beauties.

Naturally, something that takes off that fast and involves so many people cannot, and will not, escape some criticism. Initially that raised its ugly head in the form of software bugs that, among other things were locking people out of the use of their own phones! The press had a field day. Unfortunately for Apple, it didn't end there. A few days later reports began to also surface about issues people were having with iPhone 6 Plus models "bending." The reports were that these devices were so flexible and flimsy in build that they would curve with regular daily use. Of course, videos got out to social networking sites and the story went viral. Things seem like they're calming a bit today, thanks to the results of some testing by Consumer Reports, as well as Apple, indicating that such bending does not occur easily. As it turns out, Apple uses the very same stringent stress testing that Consumer Reports does - before releasing a device. Apple invited the media in to witness the testing, and Consumer Reports was quick to issue the results of their findings.

These tests indicated the iPhone 6 Plus can withstand pressure up to about 90 pounds before beginning to bend and about 100 pounds before the screen will come off. That's quite a licking for any electronic creation to take! After all, these are not Timex watches that claim to take a lickin' and keep on tickin.' These are inticate computers fine tuned and reduced down to an easy to handle size.



A Convincing Theory Explains Why The iPhone 6 Plus May Have A Bending Issue (AAPL) #business


Consumer Reports: iPhone 6 Plus Not Bending Any More Easily Than Other ... - App Trigger


iphone 6 plus


iPhone 6, silver, 64G

Along with the iPhone 6 Plus, Consumer Reports conducted the same tests on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the LG G3 and a HTC One M8. It found that it took 90 pounds of force to begin to deform the iPhone 6 Plus case, and 110 pounds of pressure to make the screen come off.


So what's the take-away? If you own one, try not to sit on it, or leave it in the hot sun ( or a hot car), and you should be good to go. Apple took a further media beating for minimizing these bendgate reports by reportedly saying there were only 9 such reports with multi millions sold. Some press thought that was Apple's way of pooh poohing it and trying to sweep it under the rug. My bet, after many dealings with the Apple brand, is that if those reported cases cared to go to Apple to allow them to discuss them, they would immediately step up to the plate and offer a replacement. After all, Apple knows what side their bread is buttered on, too. They know without the masses, they have no target audience to adore them, and they'll act to remedy the situation to the best of their ability. As for them pooh poohing it, my impression is, "Well it is only 9 cases out of millions." As product defects go, assuming it was in fact a product defect and not mistreatment, that still rates as excellent quality control in my book.




RT @9GAG: iPhone 6 Plus Repair Kit
#BendGate #BendGhazi #iPhone6bend

It's important to note that this is simply a theory, and is in no way a definitive reason for why the iPhone 6 Plus may or may not have a bending issue. The topic began to gain traction earlier this week when MacRumors reported that some commenters in its forums posted photos of the iPhone 6 Plus bending after being stored in their pockets.

iPhoneScrewiFixit (with arrows added by alleras4 via Imgur)

Overall, I rated the iPhone 6 Plus as an excellent new device with an average score of 8.9 out of 10, and I've owned plenty of smartphones over the years to which to make comparisons. It lost points for the power switch/volume button location change, which I pointed out earlier, but all-in-all can Apple be proud of this release? I believe so. It also lost a little point wise for the wariness people may now have after the first shock of the iOS 8.0 fiasco. We never had any real issues to speak of with the first 8.0 release, but many apparently did. I've had the 8.02 version now on my phones, as well as an iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad 3, and have to say, so far so good. We can't complain at the moment, but it has only been a couple of days, so time will tell if some other bug might lift its head in that regard.

The primary question I needed to answer, "Was this a worthwhile trade up from my trusty old iPhone 4S?" I believe I can answer with a resounding "Yes." I like almost everything about it. These old eyes can see everything on that crystal clear screen much easier; my husband's big hands seem to manage the "on-screen" keyboard a bit easier; and even with a rather thick, protective case, these phones are still sleek and lightweight to handle, much more so than my 4S.

Will I feel this same way the next two years as those monthly bills roll in? Actually, from the information we've received, by changing carriers and even paying full price, we will keep very similar payments to those we've paid over the past two years with our contracted 4S's. Of course, we'll have to stay the 2 years even though there's no contract, or pay them off in one lump sum but, hey, I guess they've got to get you some way, like it or not!

It’s just that under a particular type of flexing, the phone is prone to bend mainly because a metal insert meant to reinforce instead spins in an axis too close to the critical point. If they were further apart allowing better support to counter the flexing and not spinning, it would make it more resistant.


iFixit with markups added by alleras4 (via Imgur)iPhoneBend

This wraps up my early assessment of the latest, and most discussed, tech gadget of the week. What do you think? Have you tried the iPhone 6 yet, either version? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I'd like to see how you rate the iPhone 6 Plus.

Take care and, until next time, have a great day!


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This Could Be a Game Changer for Mobile Payments!

In the following video, CNET reports the possibility of Apple releasing their new "iWatch" at its news event September 9th. CNET is not alone in believing this may be the case, the rumors have been flying for a while and have increased incrementally since Apple announced this upcoming event.

Although the release of the iWatch would be no huge surprise to most tech followers, the NFC connection, if true, could be a real game changer for the future of mobile payments. It's been widely believed that the new iPhone 6, expected to also be released at that time, could have the built in NFC chip enabling Apple to capitalize on their iTunes connections to millions of users. The easy access this would provide to potential shoppers could really be just the shot in the arm mobile payments have needed to really get off the ground. Though they've been around for some time, they remain a rarity for the majority of smartphone users who have had the built in NFC chips in their phones for a while.

Let's see what happens next week when Apple finally lets the cat out of the bag and makes their long awaited announcements. Historically they've been very good at maintaining a cloak of secrecy around their upcoming products, with just enough information getting out ahead of time to pique everyone's interest. This time has been no different in that regard.

Watch for more information here and let me know in the comments what you think. Would you make payments using your watch or iPhone if Apple and iTunes are in charge, or would you still have reservations?

Until next time, take care and have a great day!

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Does This Take Automation To A Whole New Level?

You may think that advances in technology made self-driving cars and home automation reach a peak in the automation of things spectrum, but guess again. Just as you may have become comfortable operating your smartphone and automatic garage door opener, in comes a company called Playtabase with their new Reemo wristband.

Image of Reemo by Platatac Controlling household objects

According to Platatac Their New Reemo Can Control Many Compatible Household Appliances

According to Playtabase, the Reemo can control any devices that can connect to their SmartPlug According to Playtabase, the Reemo can control any devices that can connect to their SmartPlug

What it does, Playtabase says, is enable the wearer to just wave their hand, basically, to turn on lights, raise the power window shades, and perform any number of other tasks with a mere hand gesture (see video). The device has a built in accelerometer, like your standard Fitbit Flex or Jawbone Up24, but it claims to do so much more than measure the number of steps you take.

According to Playtabase's Indiegogo campaign literature, Muhammad Abdurrahman, PhD initially developed, the Reemo as a way to help his father, a multiple stroke victim, regain some independence. The company believes other handicapped people, and/or seniors wanting to maintain an independent lifestyle rather than having to seek assisted living options, will be the target audience for their Reemo device. Naturally, it's likely that tech junkies, like myself, who like to try new things and move into the space age, will also be extremely interested.

Playtabase has partnered with a few big names in this venture, including Microsoft. They say, "We are currently participating in the Microsoft Ventures Seattle Accelerator in Partnership with American Family Insurance," on their Indiegogo page. These partnerships, of course, could be a key difference in whether or not the Playtatac Reemo eventually takes off.

Reemo by Playtabase


Playtabase is attempting to raise a modest $50,000 in their campaign and, those interested, can still get in on the ground floor. They are currently offering early venturers an "opportunity," or not depending on your thoughts on the matter, to purchase an "early bird special" price on the Reemo Base Package (Reemo + Smart Plug + Receiver). The first 150 backers can buy in and get that special right now for $160. As these campaigns go, that package will close off after those first 150 backers, and the deal will likely change, in both price and content. People interested in backing the project but unwilling to back it to the tune of $160, can take advantage of several other "perks" being offered at lower prices.

You may wonder whether I have bought into this yet, as I have in several other kickstarter programs, but so far the answer is, I'm still on hold. I love the idea, but have not yet moved into the complete home automation level yet, leaving me pondering the usefulness of the device to our me or our family. For many, though, this could be the answer they've been looking, and waiting, for. Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, take care and have a great day!


Images thanks go to Indiegogo, for more information see Control Your World with Reemo

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